Welcome to Redhead Renaissance

I have created a website dedicated to the plight of redheads.

This site is dedicated to helping you realize the importance of your red-haired roots.

If you have ever felt different having red-hair, we are going on a quest to discover why.

One reason for our difference is that science has proven that redheads are genetically unique from all other hair colors.

With all of our differences, questions arise about our origins and place in history. Many people think that all redheads are Irish, but in fact they can be found throughout the world in unexpected places as Egypt, China and Russia.

In our red-haired ancestors, the sensitivities of being redhead manifested themselves through extra-sensory perceptions and intuitions. The Vikings, Celts, and Druids all had shamans, sorcerers and magicians. These abilities have been passed down genetically and can be found in many redheads today.

Even though redheads face hardship, our resiliency has shown through. Though we make up only 2% of the world’s population,  quite often redheads have been leaders and shapers in the history of the world.

Let the quest begin!


History Culture & Legends of Red Hair


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